Other Festivals

Undoubtedly, Shrewsbury is greatly enriched by several festivals that run throughout the year. It has been our pleasure to add appropriately-themed films to these festivals, hopefully as a new dimension to their programme. As well as the Food Festival, we have added extra films as part of the Darwin festival and Oxjam.

Vanishing of the Bees

U | USA | 2009 | English, German, French
Documentary, History
Director: Maryam Henein, George Langworthy
Date Shown: Friday 22 February 2013

This documentary takes a piercing investigative look at the economic, political and ecological implications of the worldwide disappearance of the honeybee. The film examines our current agricultural landscape and celebrates the ancient and sacred connection between man and the honeybee. The story highlights the positive changes that have resulted due to the tragic phenomenon known as "Colony Collapse Disorder." To empower the audience, the documentary provides viewers with tangible solutions they can apply to their everyday lives. Vanishing of the Bees unfolds as a dramatic tale of science and mystery, illuminating this extraordinary crisis and its greater meaning about the relationship between humankind and Mother Earth. The bees have a message - but will we listen?

The Last Waltz

U | USA | 1978 | English, Middle English
Documentary, Music
Director: Martin Scorsese
Date Shown: Saturday 19 October 2013

Thanksgiving, 1976, San Francisco's Winterland: the Band performs its last concert after 16 years on the road. Some numbers they do alone, some songs include guest artists from Ronnie Hawkins (their first boss, when they were the Hawks) to Bob Dylan (their last, when as his backup and as a solo group, they came into their own). Scorsese's camera explores the interactions onstage in the making of music. Offstage, he interviews the Band's five members, focusing on the nature of life on the road. The friendships, the harmonies, the hijinks, and the wear and tear add up to a last waltz.


PG | UK | 2009 | English
Biography, Drama
Director: Jon Amiel
Date Shown: Saturday 22 February 2014

What happens when a world-renowned scientist, crushed by the loss of his eldest daughter, formulates a theory in conflict with religious dogma? This is the story of Charles Darwin and his master-work "The Origin of Species". It tells of a global revolution played out within the confines of a small English village; a passionate marriage torn apart by the most dangerous idea in history; and a theory saved from extinction by the logic of a child.

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15 | USA | 1997 | English, Esperanto
Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Director: Andrew Niccol
Date Shown: Friday 13 February 2015

In the not-too-distant future, a less-than-perfect man wants to travel to the stars. Society has categorized Vincent Freeman as less than suitable given his genetic make-up and he has become one of the underclass of humans that are only useful for menial jobs. To move ahead, he assumes the identity of Jerome Morrow, a perfect genetic specimen who is a paraplegic as a result of a car accident. With professional advice, Vincent learns to deceive DNA and urine sample testing. Just when he is finally scheduled for a space mission, his program director is killed and the police begin an investigation, jeopardizing his secret.

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